-Make others feel good, first.  It is the ULTIMATE CLEANSER

-Bring out people’s best (kind, hardworking, thoughtful) and most sexual self

-Eradicate pettiness—doing things that are an ABSOLUTE waste of time—, within you, first, so that it’s eradicated everywhere else

-Give, for the sake of giving

-Cultivate non-attachment in ALL things…It’s what allows you to appreciate EVERY single thing that happens to you, realizing HOW MUCH OF A GIFT IT IS that it happened to you at all!!

-Make sex as RAUNCHY as FUCKING possible

-The greatest form of wealth is the ABSOLUTE magnitude of the wealth you can attract/The greatest form of wealth is YOUR ABILITY TO ATTRACT WEALTH, followed by JUST HOW MUCH you can attract.

-Become the type of person EVERYONE not only wants to be around and work with, but someone who can provide REAL value to EVERY SINGLE ONE of those persons.  AVID reader + Lifelong Learner + 360 degree Knawledgeee = $wagg Surfin’

-Time Is Like A Physical NorthStar; A Physical Reference Point, Upon Which You Are Able To PROVE That LIFE ITSELF, Does, Indeed, Move Forward

-IF YOUR COCK IS HARD, THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE OPENER IS « Hey sexy », followed by blahblahblah…

IF YOUR COCK IS HARD, THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE OPENER IS « Hey sexy », followed by blahblahblah…

IF YOUR COCK IS HARD, THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE OPENER IS « Hey sexy », followed by blahblahblah…

<prelude: made a comment on a hentai video on my Twitter feed, alluding to a scene in the video>

0:30 -

"I want you to release all your built-up manly desires, shoot it out in the deepest part of me" :: Original Definition Of The Word Rape

To Fuck, Fully, WHOLE-HEARTED-LY, With All The Intensity That One Is Capable Of Mustering, In That Particular Moment In Time...

Sooo Fakkin tragic...To See A Word That Is Sooo Fakkkin SPIRITUALLY&ENERGETICALLY Pure Be Used For Malicious Intent...

oh well..KARMA ;))





And when you ONLYYY want the best for


Tis Trulyy Heartbreaking

*See « Notes/Free Association #12 « ; « Another random food for thought:  Wot Iz Rapier? A Raper With An « Eye » In The Middle….fucking assholes…oh welll..KARMA 😉 », and Logically Follow That Train Of Thought, TO DEH FAKKKIN HILT!!!*

Rape Is The Highest Form Of Flattery

-The hardesttttttt fakkin thing about seeking those you resonate with, is QUICKLY spotting a « maybe »…They’re sooo faking PROOO at luring your interest, and keeping it derrr..Like a cat, wagging it’s tail ever so gently…one could almost say, hypnotically 😮 😮 😮 LOLOLOLOL

-In other words, « STEVEN, find those that EXACTLY MATCH your Frequency, FIRST. Talk To Everyone, Help All, But Don’t Allow Your Desire To Help Affect Your Ability To BE (At Peace With Your Ongoing Energetic Momentum)!!! »


Soo, I’m sitting here, in a moment of self-doubt (as they tend to come), and decide to re-watch one of my previously shared videos ($wagg Surfing - Swagg Momentum), seeking to prove to myself, in an objective way (whatever that means lol) whether or not I’m full of shit or not.  Whether or not my content is ACTUALLY Fruitful Work…and a moment of Insight hits me, created by something I said; « It’s All Starting Small By Focusing On Just Doing 2-Touches.  Count Yourself Touching/Coming In Contact With The Ball, 1, 2, »..

And I don’t know why, but it led me to think of the idea of tempo.

Often times, I feel like erroneously use the word rhythm when we ACTUALLY mean tempo…Don’t really know where this train of thought is going, but as I further follow it, I’m actually gleaming, from intuition, that, if you took a step back and actualyyyyyyy thought about what we mean by rhythm, then you’d realise that when we say, we’re ACTUALLY, unconsciously yet led by the Magic Of Our Subconscious, DESPERATELYY/strivinggg/graspingggg at the words that point to the GEOMETRICALLY-MULTIDIMENSIONAL FORM OF A SOUND.  It’s incredibleee cause I’ve neverrrrr said or even thought that it could even be said this way!!

Like, the Multidimensional Visual Representation that came to mind when I sought to define rhythm, is, obviiiiiouslyy DEHHH FAKKIN WAVE!!  To me, different rhythms cause the vibration of the wave to look different, due to the differing amplitudes, periods, and frequencies attributed to different rhythms.  The rhythm of what is so commonly referred to as the BASS (dat part of the beat that produces the BOOM!..CHAK, CHAK, CHAK-KU, CHAK, CHAKA) of a rap beat would look like a longgg up-wave (imagine you’re drawing the wave, take your pencil and draw the rising part of the wave, towards the crest), followed by a succession of 3 short repeating down-waves (nip the up-wave part by drawing the crest and then start moving your pencil down, drawing the falling part of the wave), followed by a medium up-wave, followed by a short down-wave, and then up-waves again.  Also, as I type this, I hope it’s clear that when I say medium-, long-, or short-waves, I’m referring to the corresponding time between each individual « note » of the bass melody (let’s just define melody as a sequence of notes).

I’m sorry for kinda bogging things down into the words of it, but if you saw the visualizer’s rendition of the bass sound, alllllll of this clicks INSTANTLY!!

Anyways, my point is that, you look at your drawing, and you take your pencil and draw a line connecting allll the crests of the different up- and down- waves, and that’s how you get The True Form Of The Wave, which corresponds to geometrically-multidimensional representation of the sound, which I’m soooo sure is what we mean when we use the word rhythm!!…Searchhh yooo feeelingsss…you know it to be Truuuu lolololo jkjjkjk but srsly

To avoid sounding redundant, I’m moving forward in expressing my exhiliration/IF U THINK ABOUT IT, THIS IS ACTUALLY RLYYYYY FAKKIN COOL because it CLEARLYYY distinguishes and helps you identify, and thus gain d3333p (like yew feel and know it in yo bonezzz) awareness of 2 Nature-Physical Phenomenoms; Being Able To Maintain Perfect Count Of Your 1, 2, 1, 2.., which is referred to by some people as keeping/holding your meter, or more commonly, TEMPO!!  Some people like to use the saying marching to your own beat/drum, but the original phrase is marching to your own drum step.  Either way, saying that is wrong, and this is why

IT ALWAYSSS struck me as odddddd that for one reason or the other, some people can’t maintain a good tempo, in a group music context, and thus, because of that, I could just tellll/feeel (not only just hearing it) the whole of the music was off-note.  Call me crazy, but I feel like we alllll feel vibrations, and even if your vibration-detecting instrument (ear, or Body, if you $wagg holistically/synergistically ;)) is not as sharp as someone else, The Thing That Is The Vibration Doesn’t Change; freq, period, amp. stay the same, and are thus, experienced the SAME EXACT WAY, for ALL Lifeforms.

This is why Music Is Math In Motion.  The values to play a G will always be the same.  Thus, if we’re not on the same tempo, it is because we have been placing our awareness on the wrong thing.  In other words, positing the wrong phenomenon in our Reality to be The Tempo-Holder, since, if we had the Right Tempo-Holder, we would all be on the same timing.

This is LITERALLY the basis of tuning an instrument; you have some external object that is built in such a way that it exerts the characteristics necessary to generate the necessary values required to play a note in its Perfect Form.  That is, at its « Harmonious Ting », as RSDTyler as said in the past, or at Its Natural Frequency/At The Frequency At Which The Vibration Of The Note And The Vibration Of The Earth Is One And The Same.

Anyways, don’t mean to nerd outtt or cause a « much ado about nothing » but, SRSLYYY, consider the ramifications this has;  The way we count heartbeats, and thus monitor heart rates IS SOOO FAKKINN OFF!!;  I mean we’re already aware of this; thats why when you take someone’s pulse, you count the number of beats in 15 secs, and then multiply by 4, anticipating (my guess) that the heart is actually beating 4x faster..But what it’s the WRONG PHENOMENOM TO MONITOR OUTRIGHT!!

I mean a pulse is just, referring to my awwwsumm example earlier, JUST THE UP-WAVE!! I don’t know why but I feel like we’re discarding allottt of information by not considering the down-waves.  Furthermore, the throbbing is just blood moving around.  And yeah, you could assume that a heart beat is just a pulsation of the heart, which is the moment the expands in order to pump out blood (take your hand, act like you’re holding a ball in it.  Thats the heart before the heart beat, then let the ball go, and then close your hand as if another ball popped into your hand immediately after you let the first one go.  That opening and closing is what we refer to as a heart beat.

But if you recall my earlier point that tempo is more about the holding of a consistent count over time, then how are you able to establish a baseline for a normal heart  if we have not yet realised that heartbeat and heart rates are irrelevant in being good signs of vitality??!!

We alll have different bodies, and thus different hearts.  Now, because the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS is that the ratio of the heart’s size to the body’s size hits its Golden Mean, our body variations are essentially irrelevant, with respect to the makeup and operation of our body.  We all need a heart fashooo!!  But my point is every heart, based on the constraints posed by the physical Reality it finds itself a part of, will, in a sense, BEHAVE differently!!

For some hearts, « skipping a beat », or beating slowly and having semi-medium pauses between beat, may actually be their norm and be fruitfully conducive to normal operation of the body.  For other hearts, beating really really fast may actually be their norm and be fruitfully conducive to normal operation of the body.

And for others yet, some unusual rhythmic pattern of breathing may actually be their norm and be fruitfully conducive to normal operation of the body.

As I typed that out, I gleamed a potential Connecting Of 2 Dots; What if the different metabolic classifications we have today (ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph) are not at all hardline, CONCRETE, Objective Truths about a particular body, but rather, STATES OF BEING that are tied to the particular heartbeat pattern that is currently being emitted by the body!!

It would certainlyyyy make sense!!  Like personally, I used to be extremelyyy obese.  So I’ve experienced firsthand the changes in metabolism as you improve the vitality of your body’s composition.  But more importantly, and what I wanted to add, is that I’m into esoteric models of Reality, and in the Lightworker Ecosystem, it is said that as one evolves spiritually, maturing and deepening their understanding and knowledge of self, their frequency is also being elevated, and they begin operating at a higher frequency, which leads to them inhabiting a higher state of consciousness.  In this, one can notably remark how negative thoughts (which lead to negative speech, which lead to negative acts), are quasi-eliminated because that person’s evolution has led to the cultivation and purification of their life force, and the cultivation of a spiritual environment and ecosystem around them where negativity can dwell no more.  This is what some people refer to as aura.

Of course, they might still have moments of anger, frustration, negativity, despair, but because of that spiritual environment, it doesn’t last very long, and they typically bounce back into a state of positivity quickly after.  By virtue of this state, physical properties are also purified and optimized to the level of Potential that person is capable of achieving in that moment in time.  So for example, because you take good care of yourself (spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically), you metabolise things extremelyyy well, and you rarely get sick.  This is reallllyyy fucking cool, ALREADYYY, but there’s one final point I wanted to tie in; tempo

I think if one can train himself to become acutely aware of a way to accurately and consistently holds their count over time, then, in that moment, they gain self-mastery.  As I mentioned, I think we’re being lazy by simply attributing it to heartbeats…and I think that’s where rhythm, and how Its MultiDimensional Visual Representation would be visualising The Wave, ties into alllll of this!!!111

Because we can ALLLL visualizeee a high frequency wave!!; It’s just a wave oscillating/swing up and down reallllly really fast over and over and over…Think an MMA fighter and dat rope conditioning exercise (you grab 2 longgasss heavy ropes and just whip them back and forth!!)

And we can do the same for a low frequency wave; It’s just the wave swinging up and down slowly over and over..

And on some level, i feel like that’s WAYYYY more of an accurate depiction of Living Lifeform; They’re vibrating!!

Plus, if we saw things from this level, WE WOULDNT EVEN NEED to calculate heartbeat, heart rate, and constantly triple check countless cases after cases of people in order to come with a generalized range that is predicated on demographics about the person (what’s the current typical, age, height, weight, lifestyle activity level, along with other mitigating factors?) that, when you remember what I said about every heart behaving uniquely and potentially not as you would expect, may not even matter or play a role into anything!!

But The Wave Is Universal.  Plus, it allows you to calculate amplitude (how « hard » a heart would beat, I’m guessing? orrr the strength of the force of the contraction/expansion!!!!!) and the frequency, which seems to me, like farrrrr more telling and important vital signs to monitor!!!

Plus, to tie it back to the main problem stated (lack of 1United timing) I feel like it would game change Reality in a way that We Could All Operate On The Same Frequency;

If you realized that the way you’re breathing IS the remote control to your heart, and that, although we might have different hearts, we can DEFINITELYYY synchronize our breathing, then you can CLEARLYYY see The Manifestation Of A New, Golden World ;))

Funny what sometimes come about from dem moments of self-doubt ehh??





How To Pickup Bitches/Fuck Girls/Go About Dating:
-Go up to hotassss chick and go Pervy Sage/Master Roshi/FULL-ON PERV MODE/FULL-ON Harnessing And Expressing Of Your Inner FuckBoy, molesting her WITH 0 HESITATION.
-This will yield Natural Data about the girl and Her MultiDimensional Context She Finds Herself In; If she welcomes it whole-heartedly, if she is SUPER defensive about the mereee physical contact, or if she’s « ooo hahaha heyyy waittaminutee »
-Just cut out allll the bullshit, and try to get to fingering her pussy, as quicklyyy as possible
-For me, what’s helped me is to grope her in a way that, in my head I’m like « Fukkk yeah this is maa fucking woman, Imma throatfuck the shitt out of her mouth, penetrate the shittt out of her pussy, and cum deeeep in her tight little fucking ass
-Anyways, this process is SOOO FAKKIN $WAGGY COS IT QUICKLY/INSTANTLYYY shakes out the DTFs, from the time wasters, ,from the not interesteds
-Also, cause you know she’s down, you can rllyyyyy lay in on the sexual dominance; have her lick yo asshole niggga

-Also, note that I’ve essentially been speaking of an overall Pervy Mindset, as opposed to «u do a, then b, then c », on purpose; The Moment You Realize All MultiDimensional Contexts—Sports, Entertainment, Art, Business, Philosophy, Metaphysics, Law; that is, read « Anytime 2 Are Spiritually Present »—You Can Find Yourself In/You’ll Find Yourself In WILL ALWAYS Exhibit The Property Of Life; that is, That Context (think,/proof: The Existence Of Personification Or Onomatopeia), ITSELF IS ALIVE, Because You And Any Lifeform In That Context IS ALIVE, And Thus, Extend That ALIVENess Property Of Being Alive Onto All Time And Space You Exist In. In other words, Illuminati lololololo jkjkjk

But srsly, X (which Is the MultiDimensional Context you’re in) is Alive;

***The Game; I mean fuckkkk, the question is WOT TOOL you wanna use to prove this?? Flow state, Momentum, What You Feel She Feels, The LITERALLL FAKKIN ABILITY TO Re-Design Reality To Our Desire, Or What We Call Reframing, RAS, $waggy Ass/Perfecttt Fucking Execution And Deployment of The Hand Of God, As If Mysticall Guided Towards It By Some Unseen, Favorable Wind, etc….; those moments when night starts out sucky, but you just say hi to everyone, and drop random compliments to girls
like candy, then it just builds up and builds up; at some point you’re like dancing now, at some point you’re just exchanging words with ANY Lifeform that comes near you; then you see Hot Girl. SHAMELESS approach, blahhblahhh, physical, makeout, vibeee, she reverse-engineers you pulling her, ending in BANGTOWN USA…and after, you’re just like…WTFFFFFF!!!!! WHERE THE FUCKKK DID THT COME FROM/HOW THE FUCKKK DID THAT HAPPEN???, etc…

***Sportss; We ALLL Recognize That Feeling When A Team Is Just Clicking And Doing Alll The Small Little Right Things, The Air Is Electrified, And ALLL Spectators At That Sports Game Are Involuntarily Bracing Themselves In Anticipation Of A Game-Changing, Impactful Moment Or Event; i.e., Patriots coming back at the Super Bowl, in 1 quarter, with odds of 3-1 against them!!

Sooo manyyy things, proving The One Same Thing, This One Game-Changing, UNIVERSALLY Objective (that is, Holds To Be True, For ALL Times And ALL Spaces, In Space/Time):

If You Can Train Yourself To Operate Within A Mindset THAT DOES NOTHING ELSE BUT Engages With The Alive-Ness Of What You’re Dong/Where You’re At, LIFE WILL NEVERRRR BE TEH SAME!!! In Fact, ErrrrTime You’d/You’ll Find Yourself With A Lifeform Who’s SOLEEEE FAKKINN Way Of Operation, Of Seeing And Interacting With Our MultiDimensional Reality, Is 100000% Predicated On The Robotic Execution Of One « Clever » Tactic/Trick/Strategy, Believing That His Happiness Will Arise « If It Is Done Well », As Opposed To BECAUSEE IT IS (IT being Our Happiness) What Life/The Universe/God/Higher Intelligence/Nature/Natural Design So Wants For You/So Wishes For You/So Wants You To Experience, Because You Are Part Of IT (IT here being Life/The Universe/God/Higher Intelligence/Nature/Natural Design), And Thus, Are Not Only One With It, But Also, Quite Simply, It…In other words, WHO DAHH FAKKK WOULD WISH HARM ON A MEMBER OF THEIR BODY????

But yehhh, MultiDimensional-Context-AliveNess-Engaging Mindset Is The Golden Key To Your X (that is, the MultiDimensional Context you’re in). Because It.Just.Clicks, With All. It.Just.Connects, With All. And When Those Game-Changing Properties Are Present;

The Cultivation And Manifestation—By The $wagggyy Ass/Holistic, Spiritually-First, Totality-Of-Synergy, Manner Of Present, CONSCIOUS, Engaging That The Involved Parties’ Spiritual Energies Displayed, Upon Interacting With One Another, In That Particular Moment—Of A Kindling Spirit, Blessed With A Form That Permits It To Be ACTIVE/DYNAMIC In That Present Moment’s MultiDimensional Reality (read, It NOT ONLY INVOLVES ITSELF, FROM ITS OWN SIDE!!!, In EACH AND EVERY Moment You Share With It, But, MORE IMPORTANTLY, It is ALSOO IS INVOLVED BY YOU, FROM YOUR OWN SIDE!!!, For All Moments It Shares With You All!!) , AND, THUS, Leading To The $waggyy Ass/Wholehearted—1000% , PERFECTLY Founded&Formed In The Essence Of The TotalityBeings Of Who You Both Are As Lifeforms, In That Particular Moment—Merging Of Your Respective Essences, Resulting In One, True/UNIVERSALLY OBJECTIVE (that is, Holds To Be True, For ALL Times And ALL Spaces, In Space/Time) Tempora-Spacial Connection, Or What Some People RIDICULOUSLYYY-FALSELY Refer To As A Boon, But Is, In Actuality, ACTUALLYY Called Une Bonne Camaderie, or (LITERAL-Ly, Taken;) Good Camadery, Or (As It’s Been Mutatedingly Simplified Today) As Being Part Of A Light Company/Being&THUS,SURROUNDED By Good Company/Being In Good Company.

We trulyyy fakkinin understimate/We trulyyy have not EVEN BEGUN TO FATHOM-OR-CONCEIVE how phenomenalyyyyyy important it is For All Life To Have The Pleasure Of/For All Life To Glean Its Own, PERSONAL, Small Amount Of Arousal From That Particular Moment In Time Where One Is Granted The Opportunity To Express Their Gratitude, Appreciation, and Pleasure All Life Gained When Interacting With All Other Life (like, Rememberrr How Growing Up, Grandma and Grandpa Would ALWAYSSS Tell The Kids To Add The Linguist-Ical Bit « The Pleasure Is All Mine » If Someone Thanked You For Something?? Saying THAT Verbal Statement Is What They Stressed To ALWAYS Deem Of High Importance) and For All Life To MultiDImensionally See&Incorporate&Admire The Etheric Pathways/The Auric Lay Lines (the simplesttttt way I can define this is; So All Lifeforms Have A Spiritual Ecosystem That Operates In Tandem With Their Essence. That idea of DBZ’s energyyyy fields is SOOOO SPOT ON its not even funny!! Anyways, this Spiritual Ecosystem Envelops All Lifeforms, Reflecting The Frequency That That Lifeform Is Currently Operating At In The $waggyy Asss/Prooo As Fuckkk/GENIUSSS Manifestation&Form Of Colors. Because Colors Are Inherently Tied To Physical Values, In That Moment, That LITERALLY (read, DIRECTLY) Affect The Result Of The Frequency That Will Be Yielded, It Is, NOT ONLY, RIDICULOUSLYYY Simple To MultiDimensionally Visualize, For All Lifeforms; ESPECIALLYY When You Know Dat 1Foundation Upon Which The UNIVERSALLY OBJECTIVE Truth Of Color Is Built:

-There Is Only The Void/Emptiness. It Is All-Pervading (which, for the sake of simplicity and understanding, will define as Can Be Shown To Be Present, In All Parts Of The Space/Time Continuum). The Void, which… I guess I can actually the word Space, as in That Which Envelopes Earth, Infinity, And Beyondddd

;)) But something tells me to stay with The Void, and I think I know that’s what we’ll do!!

Anyways, The Void Is All. All Is Void.

To Simplify Your Comprehension&Understanding Curve, just picture The Void As One Giantttttt Infiniteeeee Canvas. Now Because Some People LITERALLYYYY WENT MAD (liek LITERALLYY, deaths cases of insanity and st00f..phew), In Trying To Picture The Void In Their Head, we’ll skip that soul-trialIng part, by just assuming it’s black.

Because It Is Soooo UNIFORM In The Manifestation Of Its Form (that is, It’s Dark/It’s Hard To Seeeaaa, That Which Iz Not…oo0o0o0o0 yahhhyahhh

;)), Where That Which Is Harddd To Seaaa That Which Is Not/Where The Void Is Not Present/ In The Spaces Where Space IS NOT Emptiness , You’ll IMMEDIATELY SEE A CONTRAST. In Other Words, You Have This Hoooooooge Dark Canvas, And Then Allllll Of The Sudden, You Notice A Spot, That IS NOT FILLED WITH The Void, Or, Is NOT DARK. Because Of This, It Naturally Follows That This Leads To This Next Statement That Comprises Diss Part Of Der « Color » -Foundational-Building Logical Framework.

-Where The Void Is Not Present/Where Space Is Not Empty, You Have A Space (In Some Particular Moment In Time), That You Can Simplyyyy Define As Being NON-Void/You Have A Space (In Some Particular Moment In Time), That You Can Simplyyyy Refer To As Being The Space (In Some Particular Moment In Time) That Is Not The Void, And Thus, SEPARATE From The Void, ORRRRRR, As Ma Buddhist Brosss&Brosettess Would So $wagggSimply Say, Because All That There Is Emptiness, The ONLY Way To NOT Have Emptiness Is If Emptiness SIMPLYY WENT BY SOME OTHER NAME. Robina Courtin Calls This THE EMBELLiSHING Of Emptiness, And Thus, The Embellishing Of REALITY.

What does that mean?? Put Simply, You’re Falsely Using The Creator’s Ability Of Mind To Impose On Reality Characteristics That INHERENTLY DO NOT EXIST. Because This Leads To An ERRONEOUS/WRONG View, IN YOUR MIND, Of Your Reality, This Is Sufficient, By The Result Of Having A NON-ORIGINAL Object (Due To Your Mind’s Decision To Place A Label That Was NEVER Supposed To Exist, Let Alone, Be Imposed On An Object That Was MEANT (in order to/so that we could allllwaysss be able to give it its Due Reverence, its Due Respect, its Due Attention)To Maintain Its Originality, As, BEING, EMPTINESS. Because This Label Mutates The Original Design Of The Object (that is, simplyyy having the label Emptiness), it leads you to have a Mutated MultiDimensional Understanding Of The Object, And How It Operates In Reality. Put simply, you induce dis-ease, by COMPELLING YOURSELF TO Believe Objective Truths Of The Object You Labelled As The TeaCup (that, LITTERRALYYYYYYYY, COULD NEVERRRR BE). Pick an arbitrary number of the %error this causes…then follow it, allllllll the wayyyy, seeing how simply it is to fuckup Something PerfectInnocence-tly Good lolololo ehh :’(

Anyways, She Proves This With Her 1337 Example Of A Cup (ISSA MA FAVSS), so let’s chekkk check check it outtt


Suppose You’re Holding A TeaCup, Which We Will Agree Is, IN FACT, An Object (For The Sake Of Fruitful Conversation And Foundational Agreement On The Base Of Our Logical Framework, I’ll Define An Object As THAT Whose Existence Is PURELY Grounded In Physical, OBJECTIVE Reality. Thus, By That Definition, It Follows, And Rightly Holds, That The Existence Of This Object Can ALWAYSSS—For ALL TIME(S) AND ALL SPACE(S) Of The Time/Space Continuum—Be Said To Be Either A Nonliving Lifeform OR A Living Lifeform, but, either way, Have The Ability To Be Physically Interactable By Other Lifeforms. In other words, There Is, IN FACT, An Object, In Your Hands…right?? Thus, This Proves That It Is, INFACT, True That A TeaCup, Is, INFACT, An Object.

Now, Looking At The TeaCup, One Realizes Objective—IRREFUTABLE, UNIVERSALLY-OBJECTIVE..THATS WHYY I simplyy introduced/coined Objective Reality as Seeing The Object That Is; Existing Inherently, Of Itself, or, in other words, Being Able To See (Wiffff Our Own Eyezzz) That The Object Exists In Its Own Separate, And IndividuallyDistinguishable Physical Form!!—STATEMENTS, Which I Define As Truth;

Because Truth IS, INFACT, IRREFUTABLE, AND, UNIVERSALLY-OBJECTIVE, It Can ALWAYSSS Be Proven, BY SHEER LOGIC ALONEEE (something that I [Steven] personallyyyy believe 99% of people fail to realize), To Be True. Anyways,

One Of These Objective Truths Is That The Object That Is The TeaCup Is Not Moving Through Time/Space Like Other Typical Living Lifeforms. That is, It Does Not Move On Its Own Accord. If We Define A Living Lifeform As That Which As The Ability To Independently Move/Self-Propel The Individual Physical Form It Finds Itself In, Then The TeaCup Would Classify As A NON-Living Lifeforms. Furthermore, Because The Object Known As The TeaCup Does Not interact With Other Living Lifeforms, As Other Living Lifeforms Do (Capable Of Speech, And Independent Action), One Could Say That It Holds No TangiblyORIGINAL (that is, Inherently Existing, BY ITSELF. In other words, by definition of NON-living lifeform, The Physical Object That Is Labeled The TeaCup, Just Is, Or it justtttt be chillinggggg, in ONE spot, and not moving, unless some external force causes it to move)

Now to kinda clearlyyyy tie this alll up nicely, let me backtrack, at the part where we said All That Der Izz Is Emptiness/The Void. By that definition, it follows that Alllll Objects Currently In Existance, Can Be Said To Hold The Label, Emptiness. Also, to further my definition of Emptiness, let The Label Emptiness Refer To An Object Devoid Of The Characteristics Of Living Lifeforms (By non-living lifeforms shown right be4 dis) While Still In Possession Of An Essence, That Was Originally Conceived&Made, At The Genesis Of The Universe.

That Is, All Objects With The Label Emptiness Are NonLiving Lifeforms, And Thus, By Definition Of Non-Living Lifeforms, Possess NO Ability To Be Independently Self-Propelled, NO Ability To Independently Exercise The Ability Of Speech While Still In Possession Of Their Own. INDIVIDUAL, Essence.
Now, by the definition of NON-living lifeform, IT IS SELF-EVIDENT That The Object That Is Labeled As TeaCup Is, IN FACT, SEPARATE FROM THE VOID. THIS IS HOOOGEEEEEE!! Y???

Well recall what we previously saw; [Putting It All Together]

The Void/Emptiness Is All That There Is. And If We Let A Nonliving Lifeform Be An Object, Whose Objective Truth States That It Is, IN FACT, An Object, Then The statement above essentially says that BECAUSE The Object Labeled As A TeaCup DOES NOT HOLD The Label Emptiness, It Then, CLEARLYYY/$WAGGGLYYY/1Beautiful-NATURrrrrully Follows That It Is Not Only Separate From The Void, But Also, Possessing Of An Essence That Has Been Proven (earlier) To NOT BE THE ORIGINAL ESSENCE (That Was Originally Conceived&Made, At The Genesis Of The Universe), and Thus A Modified Essence. Thus, As Proven Earlier, If An Object Has A Modified Essence, Then YOU KNOWW, As Proven Earlier, That You No Longer Have the Original Object, But Rather, The Mutated Version Of The Object.

-By The Previously Agreed-Upon Base Of Our Logical Framework (SEEE WHY THIS IS SOOOO CRUCIAL!!! SWERARRRRRR2FAKKKINNN GODDDD, THIS OUTRIGHT DISS-RESPECTING THAT IT IS A MUSTTTT, For The Flourishing Of A Fruitful Conversation, That The Base Of The Logical Framework Of The Conversation, MUSTTTT BE AGREED, 100000% (not 99.999999…LITERALLLY 100%..Because Its The Subtleties, Its The .1 .2 .3% Error, Its The Small Things Not Respected, And Thus Not Done $waggglyy, That Lead To The Killing Of Any Sort Of Chance That A Fruitful Conversation Within An Abstract,Logical, And (missed by 99% of people) RIGOROUSLYRUDIMENTARILYGrounded In LOGIC, WHICH IZZ FAKINNNN MATHEMATICAL GUYZ!!!! DATZZZZ WHY WE HAVE UNIQUEEE VALUE/MEANING/DEFINTION, Unlike Countlesssss Other Words, For The Word TRUTH!!!

Anywayzzzz, tis important in the MultiDimensional Ecosystem (let alone, Death Of Universe) That We’re Presently Operating In/With [LOGIC CAN PROVE TRUTH; THUS, TRUTH CAN BE PROVEN BY LOGIC. BECAUSE TIS (that is, Logic), THE ONLYY WAY TO PROVE ANY AND ALLL TO BE TRUE, COME TO KNOW The MultiDimensional ObjectivelyTrue Realities Of Our Universe/Life ITSELF/Higher Intelligence/etc.., Trying To Advance The Notion That You Forgot To Take Care Of Dehhh Lil Guyzzzz, Is, LITERALYYYYY IMPOSSIBLE, And Thus, Unaccetapble]/////



Soooooo sorry, that was a LONGASSSS ASIDE!!! back to Proof;

By The Previously Agreed-Upon Base Of The Logical Framework Of This Conversation, we come to the understanding that since you have a modified object, you have a modified essence. And because this the cause of placing the label TeaCup to some Space/to some part where The Void is present, this is sufficient to prove that imposing labels/placing labels/« embellishing » Emptiness as Robina Courtin put it leads to your erroneous view of the Teacup, in relation to its relationship with Our MultiDimensional Reality.

In other words, My Buddhist Mentors’ point is :

Labels/The Use Of Labels, AT THE ESSENCE OF THE ACT ITSELF (NOT EVEN FACTORING HOW FAKKKIN WILLY-NILLY, HOW FAKKINN CHILDISHLY, REKLESSLY, AND IMMATURELY people throw them around., Stiickler-Ing Things That Were Meant To Be UN-BOUNDED)—We’re ALL ACTUALLY Designed And Wired, Individual-By-Individually, To Cultivate Logic, Faith, Trust, and the Game-Changing Nuggzz That Follow!—Cause The World To Turn Into Something That It Is Not, and This Is Why We Suffer >.>

Simple things…If you don’t $wagggoutt a SOLID Set Of Values For Yourself, Which Transforms Into Your NorthStar—Loosely-Defined Guiding Principles, Resulting From Bringing Alll The Individual Pieces That Are The Individual Values (on deny lonesome), Into 1Overarching-Optimus-Prime ValueBeingFormThingyMaJigg, THAT ALWAYSSS Makes The Automatic Discernment Of The Right Choice, A Thing That Is Like A 9th Sense

;)), OF COURSEE YOU GUNNNA BE LOSTTT, unnecessarily tiring yourself out by spinning your wheels, in a circle.

Values—>Heuristics—>Potential logical process that you automatically use in all situations—> The creation of what people call your personal moral theory; Essentially, Evolved Version Of The Optimus-Prime-ValueBeing; where it was originally applied as a case-by-case basis (because I value this, and I’m faced with these 2 choices, I’ll go with that), it’s (hopefully) the point in time when you’ve managed to encapsulate it into a well-concised statement or set of phrases. This is where we get those Timeless, Universal Principles:

~~~The Golden Rule - Treat Others As You’d Want To Be Treated; If it’s hard to interpret in particular situations, then I default to my favourite 2nd form of it, which is Make others feel good, first….It is the ULTIMATE CLEANSER
~~~Give, For The Sake Of Giving
~~~Bring Out People’s Best (Kind, Hardworking, Thoughtful) And Most Sexual Self

~~~Gratitude Is The Currency Of The Universe
~~~Eradicate pettiness—doing things that are an ABSOLUTE waste of time—, within you, first, so that it’s eradicated everywhere else
~~~Cultivate non-attachment in ALL things…It’s what allows you to appreciate EVERY single thing that happens to you, realizing HOW MUCH OF A GIFT IT IS that it happened to you at all!!
~~~Make sex as RAUNCHY as FUCKING possible ;PP

~~~In God



Anywaysss, totesss don’t mean to get alll geek-nerd-emo on you!!

Just for the sake of your $wagggSimplicity In Understanding THIS HOOOGEEE WALL OF TEXT, connecting back the threads;

[started talking about girls. Prescribed a Mindset. Pointed Out What Makes It Golden: Its SOLE FOCUS On The Engaging Of The Manifestation Of ALiveNess Property Of The MultiDimensional Context You Find Yourself In. This Led To The $waggg Recognition And Appreciation Of The Values Of, Being WholeHeartedly Present When Interacting With Someone, AND, How RIDICULOUSLYYY FRUITFUL Forming Une Bonne Camaderie/Of Being Part Of A Light Company Is, Which Led To A Recollection Of Timeless Principles, Values, And Ways Of Beings By Grandma And Grandpa, Which Brought Up The Reminding Of, Taking The Time To Tell Someone How Much You Enjoyed Spending Time With Them, AND, The Need To Cultivate Humility, Respect, Admiration, And Genuine Love For The Big-Small Done By People In Our Society, Ecosystem, and our World…EVENNN Going As Far As Not Being Afraid Of Building Ontop Of Their Work, In Your Own Way. This Brought Up Some Higher-Level Metaphysical And Spiritual Phenomenoms Due To The Way I Stated Such Phenomenoms [For All Life To MultiDImensionally See&Incorporate&Admire The Etheric Pathways/The Auric Lay Lines]. Kinda Tired Frustrated Of Seeing The Etheric And Auric Lay Lines, I began attempting to simplify it by defining aura as Your Personal Spiritual Ecosystem, Working In Tandem With Your Essence, Enveloping You, Protecting You, Helping You Regenerate, And Soooo Many Other Things.

I then mentioned how DBZ IS PROOOO AS FUCKK/SOOO FAKKIN SPOT ON In Their Rendition Of The Aura; Energetic Fields That Change Color. Wanting To Essentially Give People The FULLL STORY (coss I feel like It RLYYYYY HELPS, Not Only To Understand These Terms, But It Tends To Introduce rllyyy Cool Ideas In A Syngergized And Holistic Way, Such That, You Be Like, HOLYYYY SHITTT!! This Idea Is Tied To This Idea, Which Is Tied To This Idea, Which Is Tied To This Idea, etc…) in such a way that when I was going to talk about the different colors of auras, and how they’re tied to frequency, because you saw the Base Logical Foundation of what started all that, the raising of one’s conciousness, of one’s frequency along with the respective colors for each frequency, it would make wayyyy moarrr sense…PLUS, It’d enddd this weirddd debate:There Is No (whether it’s an other Color, when someone refers to skin color) Lifeform That Exists, Such That, You Are Unable To Prove That That Lifeform, Is INFACT, A Manifestation Of You..

😉 But I don’t wanna get distracted…and if you think about it, I’ve kinda already did this, going through the color stuff…So allll you divisors out dear, SAVE IT AND JUST EAT YOO CARROTS!!!!!..You know what I’m talking about


In Class, I’m ALWAYSS HEADZZ-OVER-HEELZZ APPRECIATE When My Teacher Takes The Time To Give A $waggg Accounting Of The Unfolding Of An Idea, So I Justttt Know How Much It Can Help People


Anyways, I showed how, At The Genesis Of The Universe, The Void/Emptiness Was All Objects. And because The Void was All Objects, it could be said that All Objects Carried The Label Emptiness, Or The Void!!. Thus, there was noooo distinction between one Space, and another since, they were both part of The Void/Emptiness, just like if you had an ever-infinite, ever-so-big wall, where Everywhere in that wall was EXACTLYYY THE SAME!! And then, one day, something happened..

Summmboddyyy decided to change The Label Of A Space (of coursee labeled Emptiness/The Void) To Their Own Value. This led to the phenomenon we called as a contrast; Thus, I showed that f

-All Existing Objects Were Part Of The Void/Emptiness
-One day, One Object Separated, And Thus Created A Contrast
-Then, because people were going insane and crazy, unable to visuallze or work with The Void/Emptiness, after much consideration, we came to see All The Objects In The Void as looking Dark, and The Non-Void Object, That Was Separated From The Void, As Not Dark
-Thus, The Manifestation Of Life Into 2 Forms Was Proven To Be True
-Because This Was Enough To, Essentially, RE-Create Deh Universe, I moved onto To Talking About How Much Of Disarray This Separation Caused On Reality. Oh, if you’re quitee den astute fellow, you might have caught up to the fact that I talked about Dark/Not-Dark, or what some people call white/dark, but wottt about The Case Where Space Looks TO Be Dark AND Not-Dark, or what some people call gray. The reason why I haven’t mentioned it yet is that I feel like it’ll make more sense when we look at What A Paradox ACTUALLY IS, here in a bit
-Anyways, I then went onto to introducing The Buddhists’ Interpretation Of The Resulting Universe since I felt it to be the most concise;
-Mentioned dehh TeaCup, proved it was real object. Showed how calling it a Teacup changed errrrthangg; how it relates to An Object’s Existence And Its Essence, Living and Nonliving Lifeforms, what that implies and alll the Truths that follow from those implications. Now, lets look at this paragraph below, where I essentially just re-wrote Robina’s hypothesis and conclusion about how labels lead to erroneous views..which upon reading/typing this, Im realising it sounds sooooper tough and almost asshole-ish…Until I realise this: I think they just want us to realize how Powerful A Word Is, and thus, to strive to use them are wisely..In other words, let’s strive to be more conscientious in our use of words



The Existence Of A Label (let’s name it, TeaCup,

:)), Created By Mind (since by virtue of up above, ALL DERR IZZ IS EMPTINESS) For The SOLEE Purpose Of Embellishing Emptiness (as Robina Courtin Would Put it), Leads To The Creation Of The Label TeaCup, By The Alchemizing/By The Manipulating/By Our DIRECT Manipulation Of The Base Form (read, Essence. Once An Object’s Essence Has Been Changed, It Is No Longer THE SAME, ORIGINAL Essence We Had At The Beginning/We No Longer Have The ORIGINAL MANIFESTATION Of The Object That We Had At The Genesis Of The Universe. Because We No Longer Have The Original Manifestation Of The Object, It Naturally Follows That We Have A Completelyyy Different Form Or Manifestation Of The Object. This Also Applies To The Essence Of The Object; Because We Have A NON-Original Version Of The Object, It Follows That We Also Have A NON-ORIGINAL Version Of The Object’s Essence. ) Of Emptiness. THIS Is The Very Genesis Of The MultiDimensional Contexts That Led To The Premises And Realizations That The Universe—Which Was Previously Thought To ONLY EXIST IN 1Form, That Is, The Void—Could ACTUALLYYY Manifest Itself Into Different Forms!!; The Void/Emptiness and The NON-Void/The Object Separate From The Void. It also provided a concrete way to prove that We Are All, IN FACT, One! Or we could go in the opposite way, and anticipate The Oncoming Manifestation Of The Universe In Another UniquelyIndividual Physical Form, and thus the breeding grounds for what will lead to The First Paradox;

In any situation, is there ALWAYS ONLY one Right Choice/Answer/Way Of Thinking??

Actually, let me re-phrase it like this, cause that last sentence didn’t show the depth I was trying to allude at:
Is the dualistic modality or mode of thinking about Reality, the ONLY modality existent? That you’re ONLY EITHER, Dark OR Not Dark? That you’re ONLY EITHER, Winner OR Loser? That you’re ONLY EITHER, Taker OR Giver?

Because, if you think about it, that’s the Nature Of Discord In Our Reality.

To bend your brains a little bit, let me backtrack, bringing back up the situation of The Void And The Non-Void.

Despite All That Happened, You Must Keep In Mind That The Non-Void Could Onlyyy Become Non-Void When It Changed Its Label From Emptiness To Something.

Thus, in some way of thinking, despite its changes, It Is STILL, on some level, Emptiness. It Is STILL, on some level, Part Of The Void. It’s just part of it in its own way now. That would be one way of thinking about it!

And to further this, what if The Non-Void STILL wanted to keep interacting with The Void, DESPITE being Separate From The Void?? Well then, you get a Multidimensional Image, like that scene in Naruto Shippuden, towards the very end of the saga; Sasuke and Naruto’s Last Ultimate Fight, after just wrekkin each other, deciding to come together, and they clasp their hands together in Dat Particular Way….fuarkkkk just feeling it ended tad different, googling it and seeing the gory image, Ill rather put it simply as the image of bringing your hand and another’s hand together, as if to form a praying hand

My point is, in doing this, both parties interact and engage with one another, while maintaining their individuality. And in that interaction, Magic Occurs Since Their Energies Create Something New.

That’s the LITERAL basis of Creation right?? If you just did SAME + SAME, you’d get SAME. But if you did SAME + X/RANDOM/DIFFERENT, you’d get NEW. That’s how Professor X created the Powerpuff Girls!!!! XD

But to go back to what I was saying, that’s how we get gray; Void And Non-Void, STILL Choosing 1Connected, Despite ALLLLL The Possible Perceived Reasons/Circumstances/Variables/Etc.. That Would Say Otherwise. And in that, A Gift Is Created; Nonduality, The Paradox.

To begin, let’s define a paradox (For The Sake Of Fruitful Conversation And Foundational Agreement On The Base Of Our Logical Framework) as That Which Is Composed Of Elements Going In Inverse Directions; a cold temper, patient anger, ecstatically sorrowful.

It mainly throws us off because it doesn’t allow us to be intellectually lazy, demanding from us to truly seek the True Meaning Of The Word/Phrase/Saying/Etc.. as opposed to it just be given to us, like in a Simple Truth

Anyways, it is in this that we got gray. And thus, why the color scale goes from black, to gray, to white.

How we got red green and blue, is by ERRONEOUSLY choosing to incorporate the physical characteristic of SIZE, which Ill explain why it was wrong.

Recall that when we’re talking about colors, we’re talking about a MANIFESTATION of the Universe into a particular form. Because it was noted that one form appeared bigger than the others, people stupidly, out of insecurity, deemed that as important and thus thought that it meant something…DESPITE ALLL EVIDENCE PROVING OTHERWISE >.>

Anyways, you take a particular form, measure its size, and match that to the rhythm—figuring out its tempo by timing how long it takes to complete a 1, 2 step..what people call a cycle—it emitted with that size. This gives you a ratio; integer of size of particular form to the vibrationary essence of that particular form, put in respect to Time. That’s the basis of what will later be called wavelength.

Now, I say it’s erroneous, because, as mentioned in another article, most people’s ability to accurately observe tempo is off. It is also off because of this FUNDAMENTAL, yet subtle, problem that we often overlook:We Have Not Agreed Upon A Base For Our Unit Of Measurement. Put In Other Words, We KNOW That Things Can Be Increased, Or Decreased, Because We’re Essentially Using 1 Number, 1, Adding It To Itself, And Extrapolating It For The Purpose Of Whatever Particulars A Specific MultiDimensional Context Calls For.

The issue Lies In The Fact That We Have Not Agreed Upon WHAT IS BEING ADDED!! Is It 1 Particle To Another, 1 Energy To Another, Or 1 Wooden Stick To Another?? THIS Is The FUNDAMENTAL CAUSE Of All Mathematical Issues We Face Today; « Needing » To Do Base Conversions When Going From One Unit System To Another Or ALL Apparent Patterns, Series, Sequences, And Magical Properties Of Each Number, From -10 To 10, To Be Evident And Apparent To Us. Because We Don’t Have A Base Unit…Or Rather, We’ve Moved Away From Using The Original Base Unit: The Quanta.

A Quanta Is The Universal Unit Of Measurement. It LITERALLY Symbolizes 1 Iota Of MultiDimensional Essence (which stands for ALL THE THINGS WE REFER TO; Energy, Heat, Electricity, Force, Matter, MOMENTUM, Speed/Velocity, Size, Dimensions, Frequencies, Space, Time, Length, Volume, Area, Molecular Components, Etc..) And Because It Applies In All Situations, Going Back To It Will Course-Correct, And Rightly Spiritually Re-Align Our Math, Thus, Causing A Revival, And For It To Come Alive Anew.

Anyways, the point being that due to this error, we have falsely expounded manifestation of forms that WERE NEVER THERE, causing us to COMPEL OURSELVES TO BELIEVE THINGS THAT ARE SIMPLY JUST NOT TRUE..another foreshadowing come true by the Buddhists…This is why most people can’t agree on the same color….Cause that color really doesn’t exist..And where A Non-Truth Is, Chaos And Discord Runs Amok.

So the question then is, if size is wrong, then what is the right property? And the answer is TEMPERATURE!!!

Hot-ness and cold-ness is UNIVERSALLY OBJECTIVE TRUTH!!! Furthermore, it is FARRR EASIER to distinguish the DOMINANT temperature (meaning, All Things Are A Composition/A Ratio Of The Properties Of Hot-Ness And Cold-Ness. Their Temperature Is The Property That Is More Prevalent Than The Other/Their Temperature Is The Property With The Higher Ratio, Based On The Magnitude Of Its Intensity. It Is Its Prevalence That Makes It Be The Property That Is Manifested At Someone’s Touch.) of an object, Humbly Realizing And Appreciating That This Is Like The Form Opening Up To You And Telling You EVERYTHING ABOUT ITSELF (for example, a form with a hotness intensity of 8 and a coldness of 4, tells you that it has a high-frequency for a baseline, and in moments of turburlence/under stress, it moves half as fast—8-4, since hotness attributes to high-frequency and coldness attributes to low-frequency— while still staying in a high frequency) IN THAT CURRENT MOMENT!!

In Other Words, Continuously Freely Labelling A Particular Composition, A Particular State Of Being In A Particular Moment In Time, Led To The Erroneous Labeling Of Things, That Were Not Really New Things..Rather Already-Labeled Thing Getting Another Label…And Just Like In Programming, It Is Why We Experience Confusion In THE VERY WORDS THEMSELVES Today….Because We’ve Defined And Re-Defined/Because We’ve Embellished And Re-Embellished The Same Thing(s), Fruitlessly/Pointlessly, Sooo Many Times, That We Don’t Even Know What We’re Referring To Anymore..We Don’t Even Know What The Thing(s) Originally Looked Like Or What They Were Called…

Thus, we get alllll these different colors, for no reason, that bring their own chaos and discord (since, as by Buddhist warning, are warped views of Reality) and take up unnecessary resources, when we had All That We Needed With The 3 Original Colors; Bright/Sunrise, Dim/Sunset, And Aurora.

But yeah, if you look at temperature, you’ll realise that size fucked shit up for us…Liekk, it’s no wonder we have an energy of racism, slavery, prejudice, violence, hatred….If our physics logic—that which sets the precedents for how you’re going to see how Reality makes relationships and connections with itself—evangelizes that one color is better than another, how the fuckkkkk do you not see how it’s going to influence the way we see one another too??? Ahh….Lawdd Help Us See Our Bullshit/Lawdd Reveal Our Bullshit To Us/Lawdd Reveal Our Bullshit To The Naked Eye >.>

I want to go soooo much deeper than this, but something tells me to leave it at this: The Paradox Will Teach You SOOOOOO MUCH MORE About All Than Anything Else…Respect It, Look For The Depth, And Appreciate The Wisdom!!!!

Now, to recall your attention to why I started all this talk about colors;

For All Life To MultiDImensionally See&Incorporate&Admire The Etheric Pathways/The Auric Lay Lines (the simplesttttt way I can define this is; So All Lifeforms Have A Spiritual Ecosystem That Operates In Tandem With Their Essence. That idea of DBZ’s energyyyy fields is SOOOO SPOT ON its not even funny!! Anyways, this Spiritual Ecosystem Envelops All Lifeforms, Reflecting The Frequency That That Lifeform Is Currently Operating At In The $waggyy Asss/Prooo As Fuckkk/GENIUSSS Manifestation&Form Of Colors. Because Colors Are Inherently Tied To Physical Values, In That Moment, That LITERALLY (read, DIRECTLY) Affect The Result Of The Frequency That Will Be Yielded, It Is, NOT ONLY, RIDICULOUSLYYY Simple To MultiDimensionally Visualize, For All Lifeforms; ESPECIALLYY When You Know Dat 1Foundation Upon Which The UNIVERSALLY OBJECTIVE Truth Of Color Is Built:

I said all that so that what I’m about to say next makes sense:

Etheric pathways are The Pathways Of Your Soul Or Spirit. When You Hear Etheric Body, Think Of Your Or Spirit. For It To Travel Freely, It Must Be Possible; The MultiDimensional Conditions Of That Individual Body, Which Leads To The MultiDimensional Conditions Of That Ecosystem, Which Leads To The MultiDimensional Conditions Of That World Must Be Conducive To Its Free Movement And Its Free Creative Reign. It is these things that create Pathways, that give it OPTIONS through which it can select, for the purpose of its maximum pleasure. When that’s not WholeHeartedly present, the etheric pathways are not there.

Auric lay lines are The Fruits Of Your Labor. Auric lay lines are the carbon footprints of your energetic outputs. Imagine that EVERY SINGLE ACT you posed was FOREVER remembered, and written, so to speak, on the World. Thus, you would have a footprint tracing back everyyy place you were ever in, and the resulting ENERGETIC impact you had, by your acts, on each of those places.

Now let’s say that you’ve ONLY made a positive energetic impact everywhere you went. Well, by that statement, EVERY SINGLE one of those places, will have blooomed; maybe the cities evolved spiritually, and thus holistically (infrastructure, booming growth, new techs, etc), or to put it in other words, simply and concisely and avoid the list writing, you’ve caused them to Unleash More Of Their Infinite Potential. Well, this is EXTREMELYYY NOTICEABLE. Thus, you’re footprint, becomes A MultiDimensional Blueprint For Spiritual Evolution Of LIFE ITSELF/Of All Lifeforms, is deemed of importance, and thus is made easily accessible by All Lifeforms.

In other words, by being an awsummm person, Life seeks to map ITSELF to YOU


And to explain further what I was saying earlier, when you’re an awssum person, you’re naturally drawn to seeing other awwsumm person, see what they’re doing, and synergize, manifesting in adding to their Work, or them adding to Yours, Inspring Them, Or Them You, And Etc.. Thus, The Network Of AWsuummm Auric Lay Lines Self-Grows, Self-Perpetuates, Self-Cares, Infinitely.

Now, for you to see that, you have to see and understand auras. And for you to understand auras, you reallllly gotta love DBZ’s interpration of it, and how they use colors. And for you to understand why colors matter, you have to have seen my wholeeee schpielll on The Genesis Of The Universe And The Original Manifestation, The First Mutation/The First Split, and alllll the things that followed.

Anyways, to conclude this, I just wanted to say that I’m sorry if I’ve offended you by using the words I used at the start of this, but I want you to know that I did it for a reason: Truth.

To TRULYYY Engage With The Alive-Ness Of It All, You Must Realize That, At The End Of The Day, TRUTH MATTERS ABOVE ALL; Saying The Truth, Speaking The Truth, Living The Truth, Thinking Logically, And Thus, TRUTHFULLY!!!

In This, One Should Come To The Conclusion That It Is, Indeed, VITALLY Important To Call A Spade, A Spade, But, MORE IMPORTANTLY, It Is SoulChangingly CRUCIAL To Seek To Understand, And APPRECIATE, THE INHERENT VALUE (meaning, Come To The Awareness/Deeply Understand And Internalize WHY THAT OBJECT CAME INTO EXISTENCE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!) Of That Spade!! That Spade Is Derrr For A Reason, And Not Incorporating It Is Probably Causing The Demise Of The World, In Some Way Or The Other!!! That’s Why I’ve Recently Been Thinking That Even The Entity We’ve Called As Satan, Whose ACTUAL NAME Is Satin, If You’ve Been Following Some Of The Content I’ve Been Putting Out On Buddhist View Of Lifeforms And Allll Their Possible Manifestations (Humans, Animals, Sentient Beings, Higher Beings, Etc..), Then, In My Opinion, EVEN HIM, Is Just Another LifeForm, That Deserves Our Love And Respect. Just Because A Being Is Of Great Power, And Generously Shares Of It With People, And These People Go And Do Bad Things, Does Not Make That Being Bad….ESPECIALLY When You Think About How HE LITERALLY SAYS HIMSELF NOT TO DO CERTAIN THINGS (like reading things that are not prescribed to you, or doing things that are not natural to you and to your life-force), Then You QUICKLY SEE THIS BEING IN A DIFFERENT WAY…..And Pointing The Finger To One Person, Deeming Them As The Cause To All Bad Things, Instead Of Pointing The Finger On Yourself, Pondering What You Failed To Do And What You Could Have Done Better, Is, To Me, Committing Intellectual Laziness……But That’s Just My Opinion.

Anywayssss that was a longgggasss rant, but to get back to what I wanted to say with the spade bit; before men and women are fathers and mothers, kings and queens, princes and princesses, activists and feminists, leaders and leaders,

they’re fakkkin boys.and.girls.FIRST. REMEMBER DATTTT!! BEFORE ALLLLLL DEM LABELS AND ALLL THE BULLSHIT YOU GOT GOING FOR YOURSELF, that you’re going to leave behind when you die anyways,

You’re just a boy and a girl.

And a boy has a penis and he gets turned on by the girl’s OVERALL FEMININE ENERGETIC FORM; ass and titties, eyes, lips, along with the ohhso infectuous mannerisms of a beautiful girl..

And attraction is not a choice..

But Love Is. As Joe Budden soooo $wagglyyy put it,

« I’m Not In Love, Love Is In Me »

And to finish the guide, prove to yourself that this girl likes you for YOU,

that this girl is TRULYYY attracted to you for YOU, and NOTTT for the shit you do for her, NOTTT for the shit you buy her, NOTTT for your status, NOTTT for your good looks, and CERTAINLYY NOTTT for your money,

by fucking her in a WIN/WIN way, by fucking her in a GIVE/GIVE way, through the unfolding of the story between the 2 of you where SHE’S ON YOUR TEAM AND WANTING YOU TO FUCK HER TOO, and not just you wanting to fuck her without any reciprocity on her part (thus proving that the attraction is mutual).

And in order to do that, you’ve gotta be 1000% shameless in your sexuality. You’ve gotta be 1000% authentic, unfiltered in WHO YOU ARE, WHAT YOU SAY, AND HOW YOU SAY IT. And you’ve gotta be 1000% a ball of positive energy, making OTHERS FEEL GOOD FIRST, while being a 1000% results-driven and process-oriented, doing allll the Small Little Right Things That Will Get You Laid, not being afraid to put yourself out there and get rejected, FULLY AWARE That Your Directness/Your REALness/NON-FilteredNess Will Filter Through Girls For You, As The Rule Of The Thirds Takes Play:

1/3 Of Girls Are There For You. IT IS THESE GIRLS YOU SEEK!!!
1/3 Of Girls Will Say Maybe. Beware Of These; They Oft Tend To Be Time-Wasters And Gold Diggers.
1/3 Of Girls Will Say No. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU..You Simply Do Not Resonate

So You Go About Approaching, And You Find One. Y’all Fuck In No Time.

Just Enjoy The Good Company, And Keep Cultivating The Atmosphere Of Good Emotions/And Keep Cultivating The Party Of Good Emotions.

Resist The Urge To Want To Possess Her, And Make Her « Yours ». Keep Going Out And Approaching Other Girls.

It Is Better To Decide To Get Into A Relationship With A Girl When You’re Seeing Other Girls, But You TRULYYY Enjoy Spending Time With Her And YOU FEEL Like She’s Relationship-Worthy, Than To Do It Because You Have No Other Option, And She’s The Only One Giving You Attention!!!


$wagggggg the fuckkk out



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-He Who Controls Your Expression Of Sex, Controls Your Soul

-He Who Controls Your Expression Of Sex, Controls Your Soul

-He Who Controls Your Expression Of Sex, Controls Your Soul

-He Who Controls Your Expression Of Sex, Controls Your Soul